Changzhou Meiguan Care Products Technology Co.,Ltd is located in The Yangtze river delta heartland in Changzhou. Companies adhering to the "Integrity and Win-win, Realistic and Hard working, Keep pace with The Times, Science and Technology Innovation" business philosophy, dedicated to sports, rehabilitation equipment maintenance, emergency care and sports tape in research and development, manufacturing.


The company strictly in accordance with human body engineering, combined sports research department, for sports, leisure sports, such as professional training injury in the process of research and development manufacturing the professional sports gear and tape, truly "I exercise, I happy. Medical colleges and universities in recent years, the company hired experts, according to the human body injury rehabilitation process requirements, to alleviate the pain, a correction in the school, secondary recovery for the purpose, research and development made the pertinence rehabilitation gear, get recognition and praise of the industry.


In emergency care, our company according to different using environment, conditions, location, the launch family first aid bag, travel first aid bag, car emergency care package, first aid bag factory and a series of personalized products.


Changzhou Meiguan Care Products Technology Co.,Ltd have really into the "Human Happiness" with my heart, to set the enterprise culture, with the mission and responsibility, let our company make product innovation, excellence, sales network all over the world 30 countries and regions, favored by all levels of the user’s trust and care.


Changzhou Meiguan Care Products Technology Co.,Ltd believes that the heart to do every detail, whole-hearted service every customer, we will very broad stage.


Enterprise target: Do a responsible enterprise, become the industry leader.


Enterprise philosophy: Integrity, win-win strives hard working, innovation of science and technology, whole-hearted service.


Corporate culture: the shielder of the health and happiness.