Product Name: KNEE SLEEVE KN0024
Main Material: Nylon,Spandex,Neoprene, Metal Springs and Silicone Washer
Colors: Black, Off-white,Blue(or according to requirements)
Usage: Open the product and cover knee. Fasten the tape in the middle firstly and then adjust the tightness of the upper and lower positions. Adjust the tightness of the middle tape finally.
Range of Application: 1.Sports protection(suitable of the exercises like frequent jumping and fast moving).2.Muscles strain,soreness and aches.3.Rheumatic arthritis.4.Warm keeping and health caring
Soft, breathable and elastic material with good comfort. The grains on the material's backside can help the sweat discharging . Open style design. Pressure can be adjusted according to personal 's knee curve on different positions. The hole and the silicone washer on the patellar position ensure good fitness. 4 metal springs provide the support to the knee joint from the medial and lateral with good stability. Relief the impact to the muscles effectively. Reduce the fatigue accumulation and the possibility of injuries to the muscles around knee during the strenuous exercise.
Size ONE
Knee Circumference 32-44cm

Method of measurement:
Knee Circumference

Washing Method Warm water about 30 degree. Gently wash. Naturally dry. Do not use any detergent.
Storage Condition Under normal temperature in a dry place. Avoid long-time compression.
Notes Clean in time after each use. Avoid from sharp objects.
Packaging 1pc/PE bag/box
utside Box Size According to requirements
Standard GB 18401-2010 Textiles allowed to touch skin directly.