Product Name: Magnet Knee Strap KN0025
Main materia: Nylon loop, terry, silica gel, deep-sea magnets
Colors: Black or as requirement
Usage: Unfold the product, put the pad below tatella. Fix the main product, and fasten the buckle.
Application: 1.Protect patella during general exercise, such as ball playing, jogging, climbing, etc…2.Light chondromalacia patella, pain or strain
The strap is made of soft, comfort and breathable elastic fabric. Buckle design, brings free adjustment according to the comfort level. 4 pieces of deep-sea magnets are set inside, effectively improve the magnetic field of human body and relief the discomfort of knees and legs. The interior silica pad can reduce the pressure on patella inferior tendon, reduce the patella tendon inflammation and or injuery casued by frequently jumping or bending.
Size ONE
Knee Circumference General purpose

Method of measurement:
Knee Circumference

Washing Method Warm water about 30 degree. Gently wash. Naturally dry. Do not use any detergent.
Storage Condition Under normal temperature in a dry place. Avoid long-time compression.
Notes Clean in time after each use. Avoid from sharp objects.
Packaging 1pc/PE bag/box
utside Box Size According to requirements
Standard GB 18401-2010 Textiles allowed to touch skin directly.